Garden design

A garden starts with a design. And a design is about understanding what you are looking for and helping you to realise it. To do this, we must take into account both the space you are going to use and the plants you are going to select.

At Edeen we care about helping you in the selection of plants because we attach great importance to their development. We understand that you, as a customer, want to create a warm environment where you can enjoy a natural and welcoming space. We listen to you and advise you to make your wishes come true.


It has led us to focus on something that many overlook: the irrigation system.

An irrigation system should be implemented according to the overall design of the garden. At Edeen we never do things in general and shy away from easy, prefabricated solutions. Just as there is a garden for every person, there is an irrigation system for every garden.


We offer you our comprehensive gardening service that will help you select plants and ensure that they grow healthily. To do this, we take care to advise you on the selection of the varieties of plants that best suit the terrain, climate and your tastes.

The maintenance and phytosanitary treatments we offer you mean keeping it safe from the constant threats to plants. We have a gardening team dedicated entirely to garden care. Their job is to ensure beauty through experience.


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