A perfect combination

The combination of the different types and sizes of plants make your natural spaces bright more. With a good selection of plants, we achieve a much more peaceful and welcoming environment. In Edeen you will find all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants and in all their versions and sizes; small, medium and large.

We dispose of a large area, more than 14,000 m², so that, walking around, you can choose the flowers that best suit your needs. Don`t forget the importance of correctly selecting plants for their size because they grow and evolve. If you are interested, discover the difference between the plant sizes that we explain below.

Small size

Small size plants give us colour and freshness. A colour that changes over time, as the small size changes according to the season. These cheerful and delicate plants will turn our gardens and terraces into small canvases full of changing colours.

But not only that but there are also small plants that last all year round, such as some shrubs or ground cover plants. With them we will get a decorative base that will last all year round, giving a constant elegance to our humble shelter.

Medium size

Medium-sized plants are the basis of greenery in any space. They are the plants that make a garden a garden. And they are probably, the most important, as they play the initial role in the design of a garden. It is therefore very important to pay attention to detail with these plants, as they will form the foundation of the garden.

In addition, medium-sized plants provide and maintain their green colour all year round, whatever the season. The great majority are shrubs of different shades of green, but some, depending on the time of year, even surprise us with a flower, such as Westringia, metrosidero or callistemon.

Large size

A bigger size gives us consistency and majesty. There are some large plants that capture our attention by their size and presence. They are the sculptures of our garden. The large plant is the one that provides comfort and shelter to our stay in the garden. The inclusion of these plants in our design is essential to give height and depth.

Shortly, the large plant makes us feel sheltered. Their mission is to become the main reference point of a space, standing out above the other plants. Fruit trees, cypresses, bonsais or olive trees are just some examples of large plants.


Do you know what care plants need or what treatments they require? At Edeen you will find treatments aimed at both preventing and curing plants (fertilisers, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides…). These treatments are available in both bio and chemical versions.

Don’t forget how important substrates are for plants, because that’s where they get their food. You will find a wide selection in all available volumes, from the smallest bag to the largest.

No olvides la importancia que además tienen los sustratos para las plantas, porque es de donde toman sus alimentos. Encontrarás una amplia selección en todos los volúmenes disponibles; desde el saco pequeño hasta el más grande.


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